Chatty Man Alan Carr launches childhood cancer appeal NBUK£100K

Neuroblastoma UK, the children’s cancer research charity, is delighted to welcome comedian and television personality, Alan Carr, as a patron, as it launches its NBUK£100k campaign.

"I am proud to have become a patron of Neuroblastoma UK, and was introduced through an auction held earlier this year of a sculpture of myself, in aid of the charity,” explains Alan. 

Neuroblastoma UK is the leading research charity into the childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, and with the help of Alan to widen the profile of the charity, they are looking to raise £100k towards vital research into the cancer over the next six months.

“Our aim is to bring closer the day when all children survive this aggressive childhood cancer by kick starting three additional research projects this year,” explains Susan Hay, chair of Neuroblastoma UK.

The NBUK£100k campaign, led by Alan, is looking for 1,000 generous people to give £100, and if they can’t give £100, to give what they can.

“It’s a small number of children diagnosed, but when it’s your child that doesn’t matter tuppence. You fight and you keep on fighting” says Susan. “Help us give children life, and their families hope.”