We are the leading neuroblastoma research charity - we’ve invested £6 million in research projects so far. This has helped change the survival chances of children with neuroblastoma from virtually nothing to 65%. We need to make this 100%!

To do this we must find new, more effective and kinder treatments for children diagnosed with this aggressive childhood cancer, which kills as many children as leukaemia.

We need to raise an extra £100,000 by October 2016 to save more children’s lives by kick starting three additional new research projects. We need you with us to make this happen.  Donate now and help us give children life - and their families hope.


100K Appeal News:

Neuroblastoma Uk express profound gratitude for
the assistance - technical, practical & financial - lent by
the following organisations & individuals.

Our Founding Partners include:

Our Sponsor Partners include:

We have asked a series of photographers if they might be willing to submit an original one-off photograph responding to the theme ‘life’. They can submit from 1-5 images, taken with whatever camera or device they choose.  When we have reached 100 submissions we will print every image in an edition of 1.  Each print will sell for £100. The buyer will not know who their print is by until they receive it in the post. 

We have been overwhelmed already with the generosity of the photographers we have approached. We have a brilliantly dynamic mix of the most important emerging photographers making work today alongside Internationally acclaimed and celebrated fashion and documentary photographers as well as the most exciting exhibiting photographic artists.

The photos will either be released in batches, gradually, or all towards the end of the 6 months in one sale. The photos will be sold online on a dedicated site, and there will be a chance to see them all in the autumn.

Watch this space!