5th Neuroblastoma Research Symposium,

11-12 April 2019, Cambridge

Evaluation Form

We would be grateful for your views on this year’s Cambridge Neuroblastoma Research Symposium to help us provide the right kind of meeting for the neuroblastoma research & clinical communities in the future.

How useful did you find this event?
NBUK plans to continue to run a Neuroblastoma Research Symposium biennially, alternating years with the worldwide Advances in Neuroblastoma Research (ANR) meetings. Do you see an on-going need for such a UK-based European Symposium?
How would you like future Symposia to be themed?
Would you like future Symposia to retain this one and a half day format including an evening of drinks, posters and dinner?
What was your overall impression of this event?
Symposium venue catering
Downing College Dinner
Was the total cost to you for coming to the Symposium acceptable?
How useful to you personally was each session?
Session 1: Neuroblastoma biology & prognosis
Session 2: Targeted & combination therapy I
Session 3: Neural crest & differentiation therapy I
Session 4: Neural crest & differentiation therapy II
Session 5: Targeted & combination therapy II
Session 6: Targeted & combination therapy III
Were the Posters sufficiently integrated within the Symposium?