You may not fancy running a marathon or organising an event from scratch – or you may have already done this and are now looking at ways to get others to help you raise funds for Neuroblastoma UK. Here are 10 tried and tested ideas which don’t involve hours of training or weeks of organising – they often just involve asking a question of the right person:

  1. Ask your local choir or orchestra if they can donate some of the proceeds from their next concert to NBUK

  2. If you attend a church, see if they can donate the proceeds of a collection to NBUK, or even some of the proceeds of their fete or other fundraising events

  3. Have a word with your local organisations such as Round Table, Rotary Club, Lions, Masonic lodge – they are always raising money for charity, and looking for good causes to support, and getting involved in these can be great fun

  4. Contact your local golf club, gym, swimming pool sports or social club – they usually raise funds in the course of their activities and will consider requests from charities, and may even organise their own fundraising event for NBUK

  5. Hire your local village hall and book an interesting speaker to give a talk – people are happy to pay to hear a good story

  6. Ask your local fire station, scouts, guides for their help – they will often organise sponsored events for good causes as it’s great for team-building and community involvement

  7. Call into your local pub, café or restaurant – what can they do to help? Most are happy to host a collecting box and some may want to do more

  8. Get your local newspaper and radio station on board – they are always on the lookout for good local fundraising stories

  9. Whatever you are doing to raise funds, don’t be shy about it! Let everyone know, and we can help you maximise your publicity. The more people who know what you are doing, the more money you are likely to raise.

If you need any information or material about Neuroblastoma UK, to help persuade your local community organisations, your company or your colleagues to support the charity, just email Katherine at