Have a Little Sleepover and make a big difference.

This September, we’re encouraging children - and their grown ups! - to have a #LittleSleepover and raise money to help children with neuroblastoma.

How to have a #LittleSleepover

  1. Register online for your free Little Sleepover pack

  2. Use our Little invites to ask friends or family to a night time party at home

  3. Or fake it and ask everyone at work or school to wear their pyjamas for a day!

  4. Have fun!

Have a #LittleSleepover this September!

Have a #LittleSleepover this September!

How can I raise money?

Simply ask everyone to donate to wear their pyjamas. Spend the day or night taking part in the fun activities in your free pack.

You can raise even more money by organising little activities, such as a midnight ‘bake sale’ feast or a sponsored silence!

Get your free little fundraising guide

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Your Little Fundraising Guide is full of big ideas and helpful materials to support your #LittleSleepover.

We’ve produced lots of fun activities for you to download and print, including colouring sheets, games and posters.

Ryan, now aged 13, is always happy  and smiling.

Ryan, now aged 13, is always happy
and smiling.

How will my Little Sleepover help?

Every week in the UK, two families are told that their child has neuroblastoma, a rare and life-threatening cancer.

Ryan, pictured right was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in 2009. He was given just a 5% chance of survival and two months to live. Today, Ryan is a happy 13 year old who beat neuroblastoma twice.

His mum Lisa say, “Ryan is my medical miracle, a beautiful child who is destined for great things! But we need to invest more money to help children with neuroblastoma - more research is needed to help get a quicker diagnoses.”

With your support, we can help more children like Ryan.

Read Ryan’s story