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How to get in touch with us for help and support, or to join us in the fight against childhood cancer. Click here to see how to get in touch or ring our society helpline on 020 8940 4353.

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The Society help-line number is 020 8940 4353. General telephone enquiries can be made to this number, where a message can be left if you are not able to speak to anybody.

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Alternatively, please will you send your enquiry by email to the secretary and it will be forwarded on to the right person.

Further Information

The Society has produced a Booklet for Parents giving information about neuroblastoma and advice for parents on coping with a child who has the disease.

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Just click on any of the links below to find out more information about specific parts of The Society.

Antibody Treatment (antiGD2) trial for high risk neuroblastoma patients
Children in the UK with high risk neuroblastoma are set to benefit from a new international clinical trial – funded by Cancer Research UK – which uses immunotherapy to help prevent the disease from coming back. The phase III trial, which opened in the UK in December 2009, builds on early promising results from a US study, which found that treatment with immunotherapy – boosting the immune system to fight the disease – improved the chances of survival from the disease. Download the Cancer Research UK press release here for further details.

Society Newsletters
Keep up to date about recent developments in treatment as well as general information about the Society’s activities by downloading our regular newsletters here.

Katie’s Garden
This simple, colourful, honest yet cheerful book is a story about a pre-school child who has Wilm’s tumour, but deals with hospital tests and other experiences a child being treated for neuroblastoma would encounter. It was primarily produced for families affected by cancer, but it can also help siblings and friends of those affected by childhood cancer understand what is happening. Download a copy here.

Spring Conference and AGM 2013
Spring Conference and AGM 2013 will be held on Saturday, 20 April at St George's Church in Bloomsbury, London, beginning at 11.00am.

Audio CD 'Songs for All Seasons'
Produced by the children from Kimbolton Prep School. Download an order form here.

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Forthcoming Events

The Society's 2013 Neuroblastoma Research Symposium will be held during the autumn. Further details will be available here in due course.


This document gives information about the current UK/Siopen antibody trial, its status and eligibility criteria. To view the Consensus Document please click here.

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Announcements and Information

The Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) a national, professional body responsible for the treatment and management of children with cancer in the UK. Its Neuroblastoma Working Group has prepared a statement about a proposed trial of an antibody agent as an addition element in the complex treatment protocol for children with high risk disease. Download this statement here.

A number of charities offer opportunities for children affected by neuroblastoma to take a holiday in a safe environment where staff are experienced in caring for a sick child. The Society offers a selection of such organisations for information but without recommendation as it is not in a position to assess their suitability for any particular child. Download details of Holidays and Recreational Breaks here.

If you are having difficulty getting suitable travel insurance Cancer Research UK has helpful information about specialist policies and insurance companies. Visit for information.

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